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Deliver cutting-edge digital products that make sense. Boost your business by allowing you to edit your own software and grasp your data's full potential.

  • 01 — Mobile
  • 02 — IT & Cloud
  • 03 — Platform Development
  • 04 — Data


M o b i l e

Design and development of native mobile apps, both web or hybrid, for the general public or your business units - always at the highest market standards

IT & Cloud



C l o u d

Conception and deployment of modern IT architectures based on your legacy, thus allowing your IT to support your business and scale your innovations instantly

Platform Development

P l a t f o r m

D e v e l o p

m e n t

Platform design and development in order to exploit the opportunities the web has to offer, delivered with your software factory, in touch with your teams


D a t a

Data curation and mining: reliable, secure and legible data to move from intuition to reasoned decision making


Antoine Michel
New IT architectures expert
Technical Director Mobile
Esther Vanderwal
Head of Data

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