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Post-COVID-19 consumer habits & corporate strategies



We believe at FABERNOVEL that there will be no return to the same lives and behaviors from COVID-19.What lessons can we learn from this unprecedented human experience? For our analysts, COVID-19 has accelerated the emergence of a “new reasonable".In these challenging times, we are observing a radical transformation in the way we work, consume, interact, and live. These new habits and usage could last and create new norms such as social distancing. In China, contactless payments are very popular; but the Chinese government’s decision in February to disinfect and destroy banknotes in order to contain the virus seems to have amplified this trend.

This is just one example of what the post-COVID-19 world could look like.

How should you adapt as a company? We strongly believe that this new economic, societal and technological paradigm will force every player to review their practices and principles. Every company will have to adapt their models to anticipate and survive the next crises (resilience), but also to find new opportunities during these exceptional situations (anti-fragility).

Discover our analysis of the impacts of COVID-19 on consumer habits as well as our experts’ reflections on the “new reasonable” for companies in all sectors.

Study plan

  1. COVID-19 is changing consumer habits: media & entertainment
  2. COVID-19 is changing consumer habits: remote work, education, and emerging inequalities
  3. COVID-19 is changing consumer habits: online shopping experience and key challenges.
  4. From the COVID-19 crisis to the ‘new reasonable’: 5 scenarios that could occur in the long run
  5. What is your next move?

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