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Case study

Creation of an awareness campaign and design of experience for the relaunch of a beauty brand


June to September 2017


1 copywriter

2 project directors

2 artistic directors

FABERNOVEL assisted Romy Paris in relaunching their brand through a brand awareness campaign and a redesign of the entire brand experience.

The world of beauty is marked by the rising trend of tailor-made. It is in this context that Romy Paris was launched, to offer fresh and made to measure skin care, formulated on demand thanks to their patented technology. Nevertheless, the brand struggled to emerge and get sales off the ground. The goal was to develop brand awareness, on the basis of its previous positioning as "connected beauty", to bring it a little closer to the reality of users.


pages of content written online and offline


key touch points of the brand reinvented

Project roll-out

The strength of Romy Paris's approach is to provide fresh and adapted skin care to one’s needs and desires. FABERNOVEL then repositioned the brand with a strong and avant-garde point of view on the skin to promote the benefit of its product with one key message: the skin is a living being and deserves to be treated like so. The creative approach was to develop a declaration of the rights of the skin, with a manifesto in 10 articles diverting from the Declaration of the Human Rights. The media plan was irrigated by the pioneering DNA of the brand, with outdoor posters (highlighting the first article of the manifesto), press, and display. The concept then irrigated the work on the entire brand experience through a design and copywriting work that transformed all the brand's touch points: from the packaging, to the website, to the editorial media of the brand, to the point of sale.


Romy Paris was able to emerge by making a name for itself, and managed to get noticed thanks to an impactful and consistent brand experience at each touch point. The brand has also developed a recognizable identity, with character: a long-term investment to establish its presence in the market, achieve its business objectives and follow its evolution thereafter.

Interview of Maryem Triqui, Account Manager

“The brand trusted us: creativity has had its place, from the concept to the methodology, which is very rewarding.”

What did this project bring to your profession ?

This project reinforced the importance of investing in a strong, differentiated and clear message to bring out a brand that is launching into an already saturated market. Developing the pedagogy with the client is key to success for a project. We shouldn’t worry about thinking outside the box, but on the contrary. The fact of not having a use case / precedent is not necessarily a trouble but rather good news. Moreover, at the level of the working methodology, the steps would have not necessarily been respected if we stuck to the usual way of approaching this type of project: from a launching campaign then infusion of all the brand experience - well we actually did the opposite in most cases! This taught me that one should not be afraid to reinvent oneself or to re-adapt the project along the way in order to provide a coherent response to the needs of the client.

What is the state of the art in this field ?

The challenge was to have something differentiated and branded to emerge and stand out from the traditional codes of the beauty industry. The market is quite dense and aggressive with often the same actors who dominate advertising campaigns. New players looking for a place often end up surfing on the same codes: highly retouched faced, brands endorsed by influential people, and similar messages. On the contrary, we wanted to surprise everyone with the creative concept of the campaign. The skin is in the foreground (focus on the face, manifest of the rights of the skin), and the product is applied on a skin that lives and breathes. What ultimately enhances the brand as benevolent and avant-garde: it invites us to enter a new era of skincare.

What are the reasons for satisfaction ?

The project was intense, with fairly short lead times and ambitious working fields that evolved along the way. The fact that we managed to develop an entire brand experience where we started with a relaunch campaign was a source of satisfaction for the entire team. The brand trusted us: creativity has had its place, from concept to methodology, which is very rewarding.