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Case study

Transdev is accelerating the development of its employees' skills by drawing on the group's key expertise

In 2020, the Transdev group seeked to build a learning programme that was not only innovative, but also accessible, easily deployable and that highlighted Transdev's internal expertise.

Thus, Transdev's learning team joined forces with Fabernovel's Culture Transformation team to bring this project to life. This collaboration sparked the creation of My Mobile Learning: an online learning platform, accessible on mobile phones and open to all Transdev group employees.

Modules that stem from Transdev's strategy

From the start of the programme, Transdev's desire was to get closer to the group's overall strategy, in order for it to be embodied in the modules that were going to be developed.

The programme is therefore designed around the three strategic pillars for the Transdev group: The Future of Mobility, The Future of Work and New Technologies.

  • The Future of Mobility: the objective of this pillar is to share the trends that are driving, energising and disrupting Transdev's sector with modules on Smart Cities, the Environment or Transport on Demand.

  • The Future of Work: this pillar explores new working methods and their implications at an individual, managerial and group level with modules such as Learning to Learn, Teleworking, Productivity, Emotional Intelligence and Diversity & Inclusion.

  • New technologies: this last pillar aims to explore and decipher technologies such as Artificial Intelligence or Data and to understand their daily uses at an individual level but also globally in the mobility sector.  

In total, 10 modules have already been developed around these strategic pillars between May 2020 - March 2021 and additional modules are currently under development to be shared in the upcoming months!

Example of content from the strategic pillars: New Technologies, The Future of Mobility,The Future of Work.

Modules co-constructed with Transdev experts

One of the strong points of the development of the My Mobile Learning programme was the close collaboration between the teams at Fabernovel and the business experts at Transdev. As the programme aims to highlight Transdev's internal skills and share internal initiatives at Transdev both within France as well as internationally, the proximity and successful collaboration with various business experts played a large role in the key to success.

The Transdev teams are able to add existing content to the platform and share various projects they have already implemented, such as Ferrys on Demand in Sydney, Pride Month in the United States and the Leader au Féminin programme in France.

This allows Transdev experts to share their expertise and progress on the subjects covered by My Mobile Learning, but also to accelerate the implementation and distribution of internal training courses. 

Learners thus have access to relevant and varied training content, and above all, they have access to Transdev's internal initiatives. This allows them to discover the initiatives of their colleagues in other cities and countries and to increase their skills on the key issues that guide Transdev's strategy.

Modules in a sequenced and innovative format

The pedagogical engineering devised with the Transdev teams was key to the success of the programme. My Mobile Learning was designed as a continuous learning path with modules and content that are added as the learners' skills evolve.

The learning strategy chosen was to dedicate a specific module to each month. Thus, there is a new module available for learners every month. The content of the modules is sequenced, i.e. a module is never published in full on the first day of the month. Every week, the learner has access to new content to deepen his or her knowledge as the month progresses.

To go more in-depth, let’s take the example of the Diversity and Inclusion module:

  • During the first week of the module's distribution, the learner takes a knowledge test in the form of a chatbot in order to assess their level of understanding on Diversity and Inclusion. Additionally to this knowledge test, the learner gets access to content to better understand what is Diversity and Inclusion, with, for example, an explanation of the concept of unconscious bias.

  • In the second week of the module, the learner explores the application of Diversity and Inclusion at Transdev, including the strategy and objectives for the coming years, as well as existing initiatives in the group's various locations. In addition to these internal examples, learners also have the opportunity to discover Diversity & Inclusion initiatives not only in other companies in the mobility sector but also in a wide variety of different sectors.

  • The third week is more practical, with the sharing of concrete actions to be implemented at an individual and managerial level. This includes tips and tricks of how to best react to concrete situations in which the learners could find themselves in the future. 

  • Finally, the fourth week ends with a knowledge test to see if the learners' level has evolved compared to the beginning of the module.

This sequencing of content keeps learners engaged as they have a reason to look forward to upcoming modules. 

The knowledge test in the form of a Chatbot.

Modules that meet learners' needs

The feedback from the first 300+ learners has been very positive and encouraging. This has led to the continuation of developing even more new modules, in order to help people better their skills on key subjects for Transdev.

“Being able to learn new content each week is really challenging for me. Thank you for elevating me to the next level.”

“A fascinating insight into how learning never stops, no matter how much you think you know!”

“A well-organized, useful and informative course! The coverage of D&I topic is so comprehensive. I enjoyed every module and learned a lot.”