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The Future of Money



Since Bitcoin emerged in 2008, countless cryptocurrency projects have sprouted around the world, reshuffling the cards of our creation and distribution models as well as our monetary usages.

Faced with centralized monetary policies that influence the economies and interconnected industries of our global world, the appearance of these new crypto currencies and the actors governing them raises many questions:

  • Can we leave control of “money” (or “currency”), the real pillar of our society, in the hands of non-state actors?
  • What are the real interests of creating new kinds of currencies?
  • How do they improve our existing model?
  • What opportunities do they represent for companies?

So many questions that we looked into in this study, decoding the revolution initiated by Bitcoin and its lasting traces left within the ecosystem of cryptocurrencies before moving to different innovative uses of this technology within civil and private society.

The cryptocurrencies represent a great opportunity to use technology to serve different strategic objectives: monitoring and impact measurement, customer loyalty, fair distribution of value or lack of trust, etc.

This study also provides new areas of reflection in order to identify the need and the opportunities to launch your own cryptocurrencies in your companies, communities, associations, etc.

This study is produced by Fabernovel in partnership with Atka, an end-to-end advisory for blockchain projects.

Study plan

  1. Introduction of monetary system 2020
  2. Software is eating money: paradigm shift
  3. Cryptocurrencies as an answer to our system’s inherent inefficiencies
  4. Looking ahead, how can cryptocurrency opportunities be imagined and assessed?

Study excerpt