Hot off The Crowd - The Platforms Watch // July 2015



Polices and Thieves, Humans and Robots

The technological singularity, that “hypothetical future point in time when artificial intelligence will surpass human intelligence and be able to self-replicate and improve itself autonomously” is no longer hypothetical. In any case, they’re becoming more and more numerous, this “nerd nation,” as their prince Marc Andreessen likes to call them, considering them eminent, and even preparing for their reign.

Like the police and the thieves who pursue each other, humans and robots challenge each other, but no longer only at chess, like Kasparov and Deep Blue. Tomorrow, we will no longer differentiate between a powerful machine (who will, of course, borrow Scarlett Johansson’s voice in Her) and Turing and his test.

This is a prominent trend in our crowdfunding trendwatch this trimester.

But just like in Terminator, resistance is activating, and in Hot Off the Crowd, one can see the growth of the sensitive human being, like for example, since the advent of the Internet, the increase of hand-written letters. We return to the operator of the speaking clock that wakes us up in the morning (Remember Aurore, in one of my favorite films, well before Her). Also at work here: if Uber uberizes us and one day replaces drivers with robots, and if tomorrow, as LinkedIn predicts, we are all self-employed, then new services should accompany this revolution of the workplace.

This edition of HOTC newly reinforces one of FABERNOVEL’s most tenacious convictions, and serves our mission of “distributing the future in the most equitable way.” The human beings who constitute our teams remain better than robots and their algorithms, and we hope – because we are optimists – that they become our best friends.

And while someone may still ask if androids dream of electric sheep, there’s no doubt about human “startupers;” they dream about Goliath’s fall.

It’s this very human side that characterizes our latest trend: one always finds gentle entrepreneurs to create the next social network.


Ex Machina