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Impact the customer and the employee experience. We deliver world-class mobile apps and digital services. Our talents bring together design, engineering and application development skills to make your digital workplace and customer experience initiatives a success.

  • 01 — Product management
  • 02 — UI Design
  • 03 — Mobile Apps development
  • 04 — Web Apps development
  • 05 — API strategy & development
  • 06 — Chatbot & VoiceBot

Product management

P r o d u c t

m a n a g e

m e n t

Provide product and methodological expertise throughout your application’s life cycle in order to align the user experience, the technical implementation and the respect of business processes in an optimal time to market. Our talents have developed a strong expertise in product management through long-term partnerships with our clients. This guarantees the success of your digital projects in various contexts.

UI Design


D e s i g n

Design and shape user interfaces. We lead from start to finish, with you, the design of your applications and digital assets: site map, wireframes, mockups, transitions and animations, system design and dynamic components bank. Special care is given to the technical feasibility, accessibility and desirability of designed user journey and interfaces.

Mobile Apps development

M o b i l e

A p p s

d e v e l o p

m e n t

Realize intuitive and powerful mobile applications whose quality meets the highest standards. Users expect nothing less than the best, like GAFA or NATU applications. We support you throughout the entire life cycle of a mobile application, from its design to its valuation on the stores, through its development, the establishment of a software factory and a test strategy. Our teams implement for you the most modern possibilities offered by mobile devices: Augmented and Virtual Reality, Machine Learning, Connection with the iOT, ...

Web Apps development

W e b

A p p s

d e v e l o p

m e n t

Develop rich and powerful applications and platforms, in order to exploit all the opportunities of the Web. We support you on the completion of your web applications: design, choice of technologies, analysis and integration with the legacy, development, tests, documentation, deployment, exploitation, evolution and technical assistance. Our expertise makes it possible to create fluid user experiences where the technical complexity is transparent for the end user and integration with the legacy is guaranteed.

API strategy & development


s t r a t

e g y &

d e v e l o p

m e n t

Define the strategy, design and implement APIs to make information systems interoperable and manage interconnections with internal and external partners. We design APIs based on your business needs and IT requirements. We help you to maintain and document them so that they become a true operational asset.

Chatbot & VoiceBot

C h a t b o t &

V o i c e B o t

Provide global expertise on conversational, textual or vocal, interfaces. We offer a production of conversational interfaces controlled from beginning to end, manageable and scalable. Our strength is to be able to respond to your needs in a specific way by developing customized bricks for the realization of your "Bot". From design to delivery across all existing conversational interfaces, including the business rules interface and natural language recognition.


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