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How to value your talent capital



By disrupting the value chain and fostering the emergence of new models, the new economy has profoundly transformed the way value is created and distributed today.

Thus, the value became decoletated from short-term financial performance, and is based on intangible assets such as customers, talents or the ecosystem.

This study is dedicated to the new value creation levers in the digital era and in particular on the talent pillar: why it is a critical asset, how to monitor it, assess it and optimize valuation.

It highlights four major challenges in the talent lifecycle:

  • How to attract the best talent possible in a context of shortage?
  • How to develop this talent so that it can best participate in the transformation or growth of the business?
  • How to create shared value for talent, the company and all stakeholders?
  • How to create the richest and engaging experience possible?

This study comes jointly with an index to assess one’s company maturity on talent capital.

This study is the second chapter of the "New KPIs" series, which revolves on the belief that the new economy demands a review of approaches and methods to value the innovation.

Study plan

  1. The digital era has redefined the way we create, share and assess value creation.
  2. Switching from a cost to an asset approach.
  3. How to measure value of the talent, this intangible asset?
  4. New reporting approach, new KPIs.

Study excerpt

Test your own level of talent-centricity

Talent KPI Index